mia no mia

  • Italian wordplay meaning “mine not mine”
  • we are explorers, photographers, and painters
  • collaborating
  • sharing
  • revelers
  • believe in magic
  • morph into many things
  • lovers of beauty, nature, and the ephemeral

the artists

Felecia Ashby

With over twenty years of experience in the fields of art and design, Felecia Ashby is a proud alumnus of Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, where she received a Liberal Arts degree with an emphasis on Film and Photography. She has also studied at the University of Colorado (Denver campus) in the field of Architecture and Planning.

Felecia has worked professionally in the fields of Photography, Urban Design and Planning, Landscape Design and installation as owner of Cosmos Design, and works currently in the field of Interior Design, focusing on 20th century Modern American design, furniture, and textiles.